Welcome to the WebSite of our company. We are a German manufacturer of products helping companies to accelerate their production processes and make them a lot more efficient. Productivity knows no bounds and therefore you can find our products with customers all over the world.

Our latest product is called Z. Z is a high-end product that is going to set new standards. Z extends our existing product portfolio, thus offering also large companies a high-quality solution for all kinds of tasks. Talk to us to learn how Z can make your company more competitive.

New co-operation with Partner PLC
Our company has won Partner PLC as a new partner for marketing and sales. The products X and Y as well as the new flagship Z, which sets the standard in its field of use, are part of the sales agreement. This way, XY extends the Partner PLC supply by further products to increase productivity.

Price reduction for the product X
Our company has reduced the price of the product X. This decision is due to the improved situation in the market and the extension of the existing product range.

Our company announces a new product
In May 2012 our company is going to present a new product. The new product called Z will extend our company's product range with a new flagship that is going to set the standard with regard to speed, stability and efficiency.