Our company announces a new product
May 10th 2012 - In May 2012 our company is going to present a new product. The new product called Z will extend our company's product range with a new flagship that is going to set the standard with regard to speed, stability and efficiency. "Z extends our product range with an important module," says Tom Miller from our company. "With Z we will have quite new options and with this new high-quality product we will probably be able to enter new markets. In the past we received many customer inquiries that were difficult to satisfy with X and Y."

Z is intended for customers our company has not been dealing with so far. Due to increasing demand and very positive chances for development the customer structure has now been extended. With Z our company takes the first step into a new market. However, the company will now as before focus on the traditional customer segment. The product portfolio will be extended in the future to meet the customers' requirements even more perfectly.

For more information on the new flagship Z, please refer to the "Products" section.